School of Arts and Letters

We live, work and study in a world where immediacy is demanded and earth’s population interacts globally. In this world, an education rooted in the principles of Arts and Letters has never been more relevant or valuable.

Fields of Study

Through our programs, our students learn to think critically and communicate effectively.

Whatever path you choose after graduation, the skills you develop at Texas Wesleyan to understand and to be understood will lead to your success.

Hands-On Learning

Students in the School of Arts and Letters get involved because learning takes place inside and outside the classroom.

Learning takes place in the classroom when one is challenged by thoughtful discussion centered on new knowledge, new ideas and new ways of looking at our global neighbors.

Learning takes place outside the classroom with each new experience. Performing in a play. Studying abroad for a semester. Editing the University’s literary journal.

"Smaller. Smarter." Success

We believe there are no limitations on learning. We also believe there are no limitations of opportunities for individuals who think critically.

Welcome to a world without limitations. Welcome to Texas Wesleyan University’s School of Arts and Letters.

Find out what's going on in the School of Arts and Letters in the fall 2015 newsletter.

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