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Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
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Careers in Religion

Caring professors prepare you for caring careers

Religious illiteracy hampers many of our efforts in global societies today. The study of religion equips you with critical tools for success in multiple endeavors. You will be formed as not only a critical thinker, but a compassionately critical thinker.

Whatever your career, you will make more than money with a major or minor in religion — you’ll make meaning.

Get a job in education

With a degree in religion, you can get a job at a religious-affiliated elementary or secondary school, preparatory school, private or public religious-affiliated college or university. You'll be qualified to fill positions in many areas such as a teaching, administration, campus ministry, counseling, religious life programming and more.

Administration Campus Ministry
Chaplain Counselor
Research Teacher

Go into ministry or missions

In order to go into pastoral ministry, you'll need to have strong leadership skills, self-discipline and be able to communicate with others well. With your degree in religion, you can work for a local church, religious organization or agency of denominational board. You'll also be prepared to go into missions where you can help with community development and metropolitan ministry.

Senior, Associate & Youth Pastor Sunday School Director

Get a job in social services

Social services and religion come together a lot in the workforce. There are positions in administration, advocacy, counseling, programming, public relations, vocational teaching and more. You'll find these jobs at churches, nonprofit organizations, youth camps, religious hospitals and more. Check out a few of these kinds of organizations below.

Goodwill Industries Red Cross
Salvation Army Social Services & Social Work
YWCA United Way
YMCA Young Life

Go into the communication field

In your classes, you'll learn to communicate effectively and think critically. These skills could land you a job in the communication industry. You can work for religious organizations, churches, denominational publishing houses, secular radio, television and the film industry. After graduation, you'll be prepared to take on any of the following jobs:

Advertiser Editor
Public Relations Specialist Publisher
Radio Broadcaster Writer