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New religion courses for fall 2020

02.24.2020 | By: Texas Wesleyan University
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The Religion Department is pleased to announce that we have new course offerings for fall 2020.

Introduction to Interfaith Leadership is the gateway course to our new interfaith leadership minor, to be followed with REL 3315 Interfaith Leadership, where you’ll build on skills gained in the intro course. Four other religion classes of your choice would complete your minor in Interfaith Leadership, equipping you with knowledge and skills that employers recognize as necessary for success in today’s global workplace.

Religion, Science and the Environment is an upper-level course that serves as an introduction to the major questions of religion and science and has a special focus on the environmental dynamics of our interrelated world. Students majoring in the natural or social sciences, as well as those hoping to go into healthcare fields, should find this course particularly interesting and helpful.

The course numbers, descriptions and times are below. With questions or for further information, please contact Dr. Pevateaux at

REL 1323 Introduction to Interfaith Leadership

How should we navigate religious dynamics in the workplace and the world? Come gain basic skills and knowledge for responsibly dealing with difference while at the same time seeking commonality across diverse religious and non-religious traditions, practices, and philosophies.

Taught by Dr. Pevateaux, two sections: Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday both from 1:30-2:45 p.m.

REL 3371 Religion, Science and the Environment

How does science add to our understanding of religion, and what wisdom, if any, might religious traditions offer to scientific communities, especially in light of what we know about the environment? This course explores the intersections of religion, science, and the environment.

Taught by Dr. Pevateaux, Wednesday 4:30-7 p.m.

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