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Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
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Welcome to the general business program. Find out more about getting your BBA in Business.
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General Business

About Business

As a general business major, you'll lay the groundwork for important business principles and concepts. You'll take required business courses such as Money and Banking, Investments, Consumer Behavior, Organizational Behavior, Sales Management and Leadership. 

After graduation, you're prepared to take on a number of positions in the many different industries. Other general business alumni have gone on to become real estate agents, insurance and retail brokers and entrepreneurs.

Ask Your Advisor About the 5th-Year Option

Want to get a jump start ahead of the competition? Earn your BBA in general business, followed by an online MBA with a concentration in either business administration, supply chain management, healthcare administration or data analytics in just five years. 

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What is a BBA?
There are a lot of business degree options out there. One of them you may know is a BBA, or a Bachelor of Business Administration. Texas Wesleyan offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in general business. But what does that mean?
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Learning Online
Why take business classes online?
These days, everything is moving towards digital and getting a degree is no exception. Online classes are making higher learning more accessible and are more interactive than ever before. Here are some reasons why online classes might be for you.
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Choosing your Career Path
The jobs and fields you can pursue with a business degree
If you have a passion for business but aren’t quite sure what exactly you want to pursue, then a general business degree may be for you. By learning basic business principles, there will be no shortage of positions you’ll be ready to take on. Here are just a few.
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How much can you earn with your general business degree?
With a general business degree, you have options – and most of those options pay pretty well just starting out. If you aren’t sure exactly where you want your career to take you, that’s okay! A business degree opens the door to many different job opportunities, and allows you to change your career path if you decide the first stop isn’t right. Here are five paths you can take and how much you could make.
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How a business degree can help you build your own business
Do you have the passion for leadership or a business idea that you want to develop from scratch? Then entrepreneurship may be for you—and getting a general business degree will help you turn your idea into the next big success.
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