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You’re ready to become an independent practitioner.
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The front-loaded coursework in our CRNA program teaches you how to think critically, so when you step into the O.R., you're ready to be the best.

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Your path to becoming a nurse anesthetist starts here. Apply to the masters-level CRNA program today.

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Our CRNA distance-learning program has 21 clinical facilities in 10 states. Find the one that fits your needs.

What Will It Cost?

Becoming a CRNA is a decision that impacts your bottom line. We break down what it will cost, how much you'll borrow and why it's worth it.

About the Program

We prepare you to become an independent practitioner with a 28-month program that teaches you to understand the "why" behind the science of nurse anesthesia. 

When you finish our CRNA program, you'll be guaranteed a six-figure salary, better hours and more career options than you have as an R.N.

I've Been Accepted - Now What?

There are a few things you'll need to do once you've been admitted. Get the checklist here.

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