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Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
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Nurse Anesthesia

About Nurse Anesthesia

Our graduate nurse anesthesia programs are the largest in the nation — but when you get here, it won't feel that way.

Go from RN to CRNA and get your doctorate in 36 months in the entry-level Doctorate of Nurse Anesthesia Practice program. You'll go from a bachelor-prepared nurse to a CRNA ready to take on any OR in any hospital in the nation.

You'll learn from expert faculty and participate in hands-on simulation labs that prepare you to become an independent practitioner after graduation.


AANA COA green and brown logo‌NOTE: The Completion DNAP program is NO LONGER accepting applicants.

When you're ready to take your nurse anesthesia skills out of the O.R., our 100% online DNAP completion program gives you three concentration options – education administration, healthcare administration, and management. Our program allows you to reach the highest standard in your field without having to leave your practice.

AANA COA green and brown logo‌NOTE: The MSNA program is NO LONGER accepting applicants.

We educate our CRNA students to be independent practitioners. With 20 primary clinical sites in 9 states, Texas Wesleyan is where you start when you're ready to advance your career. The front-loaded coursework in our CRNA program teaches you how to think critically, so when you step into the O.R., you're ready to be the best.

We have expert professors who are here to communicate with you directly, not through a T.A., no matter where you're taking classes. You won't get that in every CRNA program with distance-learning options.

Preparing the best CRNAs

No matter where you are in your CRNA journey, our nurse anesthesia programs put you at the top of your field.

If you're ready to become an independent practitioner, our RN to CRNA program will get you there.


A career in this field has specific eligibility standards to sit for a licensing exam. Before you start your degree, read our ineligibility policy.

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