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Courses and Requirements

Course Descriptions

2300. Introduction to International Studies

This is an interdisciplinary course which will merge elements of psychology and anthropology in order to teach students to think with an international perspective. This course will focus on understanding behavior across a variety of cultures.

The course is designed to encourage a global consciousness in student thinking as well as help to increase egalitarian thinking and reduce ethnocentrism.

4393. Internship in International Studies

Prerequisite Course: IST 2300 and Junior Standing
Students must complete 80 clock hours of documented experience supervised by any qualified faculty at Texas Wesleyan University to receive credit. Students are required to complete a report which will detail observations made in the process of the internship and discuss things that have been learned in the process.

Minor Requirements

(18 total, 9 required and 9 elective credits)

Core Requirements: 9 hours

International Studies Introduction (3 credits)

IST 2300
Intro to International Studies

International Experience Component(one of the following, 3 credits)

Study Abroad Experience
An approved study abroad experience taken for at least 3 academic credits.
IST 4392
An approved internship that is international in scope.

Geography Requirement (one of the following, 3 credits)

GEG 2305
Human Geography
GEG 2304
World Geography

Electives: 9 hours of the courses below

EDU 3310
Studies in Multicultural Education
IBA 3345
International Business
MCO 4318
International and Intercultural Communication
PLS 4310
International Business and Trade Law
POL/PLS 4321
International Law
PSY 3375
Cultural and International Issues in Psychology
REL 1321
Introductory Studies in World Religions
REL 1322
Ways of Being Religious
SOC 1302
Cultural Anthropology
SPN 3315
Hispanic History and Culture
SPN 4369
Hispanic American Literature

With no more than six hours from either of the following groupings:

ENG 2301
Survey of World Literature I
ENG 2302
Survey of World Literature II
ENG 4317
Heritage of British Writers
ENG 4318
Heritage of Scottish Writers
HIS 3331
History of England
HIS 3332
History of the British Empire
HIS 3335
Europe: Renaissance through Napoleon
HIS 3336
Europe:Congress of Vienna to the Present
HIS 4320
Latin America
HIS 4343
History of Mexico
HIS/POL 4351
International Relations
HIS/POL 4355
History and Politics of the Middle East
HIS/REL 4355
Religious History of Scotland
HIS/REL 4367
Religious History of Ireland
POL 3331
European Governments