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Goals for Student Achievement and Outcomes

Texas Wesleyan's 2020 Strategic Vision indicates that all University degree programs will prepare students for graduate studies and professional careers.

Student Achievement Highlights

To evaluate student achievement, Texas Wesleyan reviews graduation rates, licensure and certification passage rates, graduate school placement and employment.

Undergraduate Student Outcomes: 

  • Enrolling in graduate-level programs
  • Finding employment related to their degree program
  • Pursuing on-the-job experience prior to graduate school enrollment
  • Using their bachelor’s degrees to advance within their current field of employment 

Graduate Student Outcomes:

  • Using their degrees for career advancement or change
  • Completing licensure or certification
  • Enrolling in doctoral degree programs

Graduating Student Survey:

A Graduating Student Survey is given to students at the time they apply for graduation (usually one semester prior to graduation), with a 95% completion rate.

2010-2013 Combined Undergraduate and Graduate Statistics:

  • 60% of Texas Wesleyan students reported employment at the time of graduation
  • 53% reported employment in a field related to their degree
  • 55% planned to pursue further education

2014-2015 Graduating Student Statistics:

  • 45% of undergraduate students indicated pursuing graduate school
  • 46% of undergraduate students were employed in a field related to their degree
  • 12% of graduate students reported plans to continue further education
  • 79% of students graduating with a master’s or doctoral degree reported relevant employment
  • 62% of graduating students reported being employed at time of graduation
  • 52% of graduating students reported were employed full time at time of graduation

Post-Graduation Employment:

Data regarding post-graduation employment is collected through Career Services, the Alumni Office, and academic departments as well as via third party data enrichment services (starting 2014-15). The data reflects combined placement at time of graduation, 6 months after graduation, and 1 year after graduation.

2010-2013: Of 1543 graduating students 2010-2013, 448 (21%) were reached. Of these, all reported being employed.

2014-2015: Of 499 graduating students 2014-2015, 267 (54%) were reached. Of these, all reported being employed.

Common Industries Reported:

Finance/Accounting, Education, Human Services, Business, & Marketing/Sales

Graduate School Placement:

National Student Clearinghouse provides information to Texas Wesleyan University regarding graduate school enrollment of the University’s graduates.

Fall 2014 Undergraduate Class

  • 15% of graduates pursued further study immediately (Spring 2015 or Fall 2015)
  • 7% of graduates continuing the next semester
  • 8% of graduates continuing within 1 year

Spring 2015 Undergraduate Class

  • 13% of graduates pursued further study immediately (Fall 2015)

Licensure and Professional Certification Pass Rates

Three programs specifically prepare students for licensure or professional certification:

Graduate Programs in Nurse Anesthesia

Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia (MSNA)

Our MSNA students ranked higher than the national average in first-time NCE pass rate for 2013, and have a higher five-year average for first-time pass rate.

2013 Results

  • Texas Wesleyan: 95%
  • National Average: 88.4% 

Five-year average

  • Texas Wesleyan: 93%
  • National Average: 88%

MSNA Pass Rate within Six Months of Graduation: 100%

Our new CRNAs have a 100% employment rate within six months of completing the MSNA program. In Texas, CRNAs with a master's degree can expect to make between $140,000 and $170,000 per year.

School of Education

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training

2011-13 Texas State Licensure and BOC Certification Pass Rate: 100%

Bachelor’s Degrees in Education and Teaching Fields

2011-2014 TExES Teacher Certification Exam Pass Rates:

EC-C Generalist, ESL and Bilingual

    • Bilingual Supplemental: 86.9%
    • Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test(BTLPT): 81.2%
    • English as a Second Language (ESL): 90.6%
    • EC-6 Generalist: 71.2% 


    • 8-12 ELAR (English, Language Arts, & Reading): 100%
    • 8-12 Life Science: 100%
    • 8-12 History: 94%

All-Level Certification

    • All-Level Languages Other Than English (LOTE) - Spanish: 100%
    • All-Level Music: 100%
    • EC-12 Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities (PPR): 99%

Master of Education

Available Concentrations and 2011-2014 Certification Exam Pass Rates:

  • Principal Certification: 71%
  • Reading Specialist Certification: 100%
  • Gifted and Talented Education: No candidates
  • Master Reading Teacher Certificate: No candidates

Master of Arts in Professional Counseling

The Graduate Counseling Program prepares students to sit for and pass the National Counselor Examination (NCE) required by the Texas Board of Examiners of Licensed Professional Counselors.

Master’s candidates must pass a comprehensive NCE Practice Test to prepare for the licensing exam. The Graduate Counseling Program currently has a 93% passing rate on that examination, calculated on a 3-year rolling basis.

The University does not currently obtain information regarding LPC licensure passage rates.

Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT)

Fourteen students earned master’s degrees in MFT during the nine-semester period from summer 2011 to spring 2014. By fall 2014, 10 of those students (71.43%) achieved licensure as either a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (seven students) or as a Licensed Professional Counselor (three students).

Master of Science in School Counseling

2009-2013 TExES School Counselor Certification Examination overall passage rate: 92%

School of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration/Master of Business Administration in accounting prepares students to take the CPA exam.

  • Average CPA exam section pass rate for Texas Wesleyan: 34.25%.
  • Average National Pass Rate: 42-59%, depending on year and section tested

The Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (TSBPA) does not require that a candidate hold an advanced degree in order to take the CPA exam. Students also are not required to hold a CPA license in order to obtain employment.

Fifty-one Texas Wesleyan candidates who took sections of the CPA exam during that period were undergraduate students. 


Additional Information

More detailed information regarding student retention and graduation rates and other data are available on the University Fact Book website.

Learn more about Wesleyan’s programs and student achievement on the individual program websites.

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