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Event Details

Fall 2020

Date: Saturday, December 12, 2020

Time: 10 a.m.

Location: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary - MacGorman Chapel


Spring 2020 (rescheduled)

Date: Saturday, December 12, 2020 

Time: 5 p.m.

Location: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary - MacGorman Chapel



With all the excitement that comes with this day don't forget the important details. Here are some FAQ's you might find helpful.

Where do we go?

Guests with Graduation admission tickets should line up outside MacGorman Chapel at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary - MacGorman Chapel
4616 Stanley Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76115  

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  Graduation Map Fall 2013

What time do doors open?

Building doors will open at 8:30 a.m. for all guests. Keep in mind, lines into the building can get a little long, so it’s best to arrive early.

Is there a security check?

Yes, there is a security check for all guests entering the ceremony and an additional bag check for guests wanting to bring a bag inside the ceremony. Our suggestion…leave unnecessary bags in the car and save yourself the extra wait.  

What about saving seats?

You can 100 percent save seats around you until 9:45 a.m. After 9:45 a.m., saving seats is prohibited.  

Are cameras allowed?

Absolutely! We welcome you to take as many pictures as you can. We just ask that you do it from your seat. Standing in the aisles can block the view of other guests and disrupt the flow of the ceremony. 

What time do the doors close?

Doors to the ground floor of the ceremony (where the graduates walk) will be closed at 9:55 a.m. At this time, we ask that guests please refrain from exiting and re-entering the ground floor until the end of the ceremony.  

Anything else I should know?

We want for this ceremony to be a pleasant experience for you. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary offers a wide array of accommodations to help make that happen. Some of the accommodations include: a cry room, an elevator, multiple restrooms on each level and disability accommodations.