University College Day


Rethinking Leadership.

Mark your calendars for University College Day on Wednesday, April 20, 2016 — a day when we come together to celebrate the intellectual and community life of Texas Wesleyan University.

All day long, students, staff and faculty will share the interests and projects that have driven their learning experiences, and they need you in the audience.

Faculty members are encouraged to allow students to attend sessions. This event offers professors the opportunity to encourage learning beyond the classroom by linking their students' attendance at sessions to course content or skills. Students can see the results of their peers' and professors' research, collaborative projects and creative endeavors.

Students wishing to participate in University College Day can apply through the submissions page beginning Feb. 1. Deadline for proposal submission is March 1. 

Here's what you can do as a member of your campus community:

  • Choose sessions to attend and support the presenters who have worked hard to make this day interesting
  • Benefit from the "high-impact practice" of learning outside the classroom
  • Apply what inspires you by planning your own proposal for next year’s UCD!

Please email questions to the Chair of the University College Day Committee, Cary Adkinson, Ph.D.

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