New Student Checklist

You’re in! Way to go! There are still a few more things you need to do. Here’s what’s next:

  1. Complete the Enrollment Confirmation Form
  2. Visit Campus
  3. Pay Your Enrollment Deposit
  4. Get Vaccinated (And Prove It)
  5. Sign Up For Orientation (And Your Placement Exams)
  6. Submit Your Housing Paperwork
  7. Fill Out the FAFSA
Confirm You’re Coming
It all starts with completing the enrollment confirmation form. It’s how we know you’re coming. This is where you save your scholarships and take care of most of the stuff below.
Visit Campus
Now is a great time to visit our campus. If you haven't been to campus before, you should definitely make the time to see our campus. Even if you've visited before, now that you've been accepted, you'll look at campus in a new way. Pick the type of visit and a date and time that works for you.
Pay Your Enrollment Deposit
After you submit the confirmation form, you’ll be asked to pay a $100 enrollment deposit. You don’t have to pay it right then – it will save the form, and you can pay later. You just need to pay it before orientation. If you're starting in the spring, go ahead and pay now. If you’re starting in the fall, March is the best time to pay this.
Get Vaccinated (And Prove It)
Before registering for class, all students under 22 years old have to turn in evidence of bacterial meningitis immunization. You can upload it after you finish the enrollment form, or you can mail it to our Admissions Office.
Sign Up For Orientation (And Your Placement Exams)
Sign up for orientation, and, if you've been told you'll need to take a placement exam, sign up for those, too. Pick the date and time that works for you – this is the place where you’ll register for classes, meet your academic advisor and learn about student life. Starting in the fall? Your orientation dates will be announced in March.

Questions? Call Ashley Newkirk at 817-531-4923 or email
Submit Your Housing Paperwork
If you’re living on campus, you’ll need to submit your housing paperwork. You can complete all your housing forms and submit your housing deposit online.

Call 817-413-5000 or email Jon Bartlett at
Fill Out The FAFSA
If you haven’t already, what are you waiting for? Fill out the FAFSA and find out what your financial aid award is. Your previous year's income tax statement must be filed with the IRS before completing the FAFSA.

Call 817-531-4420 or email
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