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Financial aid satisfactory academic progress

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Federal regulations require that all Students who receive financial aid maintain financial aid satisfactory academic progress (SAP). Students must meet minimum SAP requirements to qualify for financial aid, as described in the program requirements sections of this policy and related procedures. Failure to maintain SAP may result in financial aid warning, financial aid probation or financial aid ineligibility. Students who Texas Wesleyan University determines are able to meet the minimum SAP requirements by the end of their program may appeal financial aid ineligibility pursuant to the procedures described in this policy.

Financial Aid will not be dispersed until a student is registered for 5 credits. Disbursements of student loans will not occur until the third week of each session.



Graduate Degree Program Requirements

Graduate Students are required to maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher and complete a minimum of one out of every two total attempted credits (course completion ratio of 50 percent of cumulative attempted credits), regardless of payment source. A degree program is a specific set of course work and learning experiences in a field of study that, upon successful completion, results in the conferral of a degree or credential.


Financial Aid Ineligibility

Financial aid ineligibility is a federal financial aid status that indicates a student is not maintaining financial aid satisfactory academic progress pursuant to the terms of this policy, and is ineligible for federal financial aid. The student may not receive federal financial aid until he or she is meeting the financial aid satisfactory academic progress requirements.


Factors Impacting SAP

  1. Grades: No Grade (“NG”), Withdrawal (“W”), Incomplete (“I”), In Progress (“IP”), Satisfactory (“S”), and Not Satisfactory (“NS”) grades are included in the course completion ratio but do not impact the student’s grade point average (GPA).
  2. Repeated Courses: When a course is repeated, the grade considered for the credit and GPA calculations will be the higher of the two grades earned. Each attempt will be used in evaluating course completion ratios.

SAP For All Students

SAP is measured for all Students who receive federal financial aid. SAP is evaluated only following quarters or payment periods during which the student is registered in one or more courses. A student’s financial aid eligibility will not change following a quarter or period of academic inactivity.

A student’s current SAP status remains on record until there is academic activity for evaluation. The initial evaluation begins after the first full quarter or payment period of academic activity. All requirements are thereafter evaluated each payment period there is academic activity. The minimum SAP requirements are grade point average (GPA) and course completion ratio.



Students who initially register during a monthly start (August 2017) will be measured at the end of spring semester (May 2018) based on activity from their initial start date. If a student does not meet GPA or Pace toward graduation, they will not meet SAP and will be placed on Unsatisfactory SAP and may be eligible for financial aid for the next semester in which they enroll.

The student will be placed on financial aid warning for the next semester. While on financial aid warning, the student must enroll in at least 5 credits and earn a grade-point average of 3.0. If the student fails to meet the financial aid warning criteria, his aid will be canceled for future semesters.

All students may be able to appeal this decision if certain factors kept them from completing courses. A letter of appeal must be emailed to the Director of Financial Aid (financialaid@txwes.eduwithin 14 days of the receipt of the letter of SAP Suspension. Late appeals will not be accepted. The appeal will be forwarded to the Financial Aid committee for review. The Financial Aid committee’s decision is final.