Jessica Liptak
Smaller. Smarter. Moments.
Dr. Cary Adkinson
Smaller. Smarter. Moments.
Alex Lopez
Smaller. Smarter. Moments.
What Does "Smaller. Smarter." Mean?

The Texas Wesleyan brand isn’t a tagline or a logo. It’s a community of students, faculty, staff and graduates. Delivering the Texas Wesleyan brand is a university-wide effort.

To put it simply, who you are and what you do is the Texas Wesleyan brand.

Our message platform and visual identity work together to communicate the value of our brand. Small is good. It’s why students thrive here.

This website lays a foundation for the Texas Wesleyan community to tell our story in a common language.

Let's Talk More

We believe in this stuff, and we love to talk about it. If you would like to learn more about Texas Wesleyan, and what makes our brand so unique, give us a call or shoot us an e-mail. Any question or thought, big or small – let's talk about it.

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