Web & Print Projects

No matter what type of project you have in mind, the Office of Marketing and Communications can help you make it successful. Our staff has more than 80 years of experience in print and digital media, and we want to put our expertise to work for you.


Web Projects

To schedule a consultation appointment for your Web project, please contact the Digital Marketing and Strategy office.

Review the full process in the Digital Marketing project request guide.

We help by:

  • Listening to your challenge and evaluating your situation
  • Considering how your project fits into the Texas Wesleyan mission and message
  • Measuring your resources and suggesting budget requirements
  • Factoring in other campus initiatives and missions

Services include:

  • Web Design
    • Lifecycle growth
    • Content management support
    • Access compliance and usability testing
  • Online Marketing
    • Ad development, positioning, tracking and analysis
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Search engine marketing (SEM)
    • Market research assistance
  • Event Support
    • Online event registration
    • Ticket sales & registration
    • Event promotion
  • Online branding and community development
    • Message development
    • Social media conversion
  • Evaluation of marketing initiatives

Content development, programming, site support, analytics, search engines and front-end design are provided by Digital Marketing. 

Networking, application support, server infrastructure and security must be requested through the Information Technology department.

Print Projects

No matter who you're targeting, we can give your print materials a professional look that fits with the Texas Wesleyan brand and helps make you successful. Our most common requests include designs for promotional products, invitations, programs and kiosk posters, but we can do so much more. With the right amount of time, we're confident we can help design something that helps you reach your goals.

We help by

  • Targeting your audience with a specific conversion in mind
  • Applying the University brand to your project and strengthening its appeal
  • Working with vendors to obtain quotes and coordinate production

Making a project request

We use a web-based project management system called ProWorkflow (PWF). For quality assurance, all project requests must be submitted through ProWorkflow.

Making a project is easy.

  1. You will need a PWF account. If you don’t have an account or if you need help logging in to your account, contact Rueben Gonzales.
  2. Request a new project - Be sure to include final content and complete the form that asks for dates and print specifications (size, quantity, etc.)

If you haven't, review our policies in order to familiarize yourself with our procedures and timelines.

What is Final Content?

A completed project request includes all finalized content and answers the questions in the PWF project request form. Finalized content consists of:

  • Text: Needs to be approved and finalized by all interested parties. In short, it should be ready to be printed without an opportunity to make changes
  • Images: You can include one or we can pick one for you.
    • All images must be high resolution (usually 300 dpi or higher)

ProWorkflow Tips and Tricks

  • You can view your project messages without logging in to PWF.
    • PWF includes a text-only message system that allows you to communicate with others assigned to the project
    • You can reply to the messages via email (do not include attachments) or you can reply within PWF if you need to attach a file
    • In order for your reply to be included in PWF, do not change the reply address
    • If you forward the emails, the recipient's reply will not be included in PWF
  • You can upload files after you make your initial project request.
    • Log in to PWF and scroll to the bottom of the page to add files
    • You can include a message when you attach a file
  • Remember to include all details and finalized content.
    • We can't start the project until we have everything we need from you.
  • Make sure your supervisor is aware of your project.
    • By submitting project requests, you affirm you have your supervisor approval to make this request
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