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Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
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Accept and Close

Current Students

Class Information

Returning to Campus

Committed to Returning to Campus on Aug. 17

On Tuesday, July 21, the local health authorities and medical directors of Tarrant County and the cities of Arlington and Burleson issued a joint order affecting public and non-religious private pre-K through 12 schools in Tarrant County, the City of Arlington and the City of Burleson. This order prevents these pre-K through12 schools from re-opening for on-campus, face-to-face instruction or activities until Sept.28, except in certain narrow circumstances.  This order does not apply to colleges and universities in Tarrant County.    

Texas Wesleyan University remains committed to starting our fall semester on Aug. 17 with in-person classes in a hybrid format. This format enables us to accommodate social distancing during in-person class meetings and will help keep our students, faculty and staff safe.

As we described in our June 15, communication, in general, the new hybrid class format will look like this: 

  • Classes that meet three times a week will meet in person twice-a-week on Mondays and Fridays and virtually once-a-week on Wednesdays 
  • Twice-a-week classes will meet one day in person and the other virtually 
  • Once-a-week classes will continue to meet in person each week 

Some graduate-level courses, like those for nurse anesthesia, will not follow this hybrid schedule, but will have all the safety measures in place needed for in-person classes.

Students who cannot attend in-person classes, or prefer to attend classes remotely, will be provided recordings of lectures and class materials. Classes offered in real-time virtually will also be recorded for students not able to meet during the class time.

We are encouraged by the recent data showing a lowering in the rate of spread of the virus in Tarrant County as a result of the proper use of masks and social distancing. Our return to campus is built upon these effective protocols for safe interactions.

We continue to work with local public health experts and local governmental authorities to monitor current conditions and will continue to provide you updates on the effect of these conditions on our plans for the fall.

Summer School

Just because we aren’t on campus doesn’t mean the learning stops. All of our summer classes will be offered virtually, so you can stay on course and graduate on time.  

Taking summer classes is easier with a summer scholarship and all undergraduate students get one. Talk with your advisor or visit with your financial aid counselor by calling the Financial Aid Office at 817-531-4420 or emailing for more info. 


Career Services

Can I still make an appointment with Career Services?

Yes. Career Services is still here for you even as we take precautions against COVID-19 and are taking appointments. The best way to schedule an appointment is through CareerLink, using your TXWES email and Ramlink password. Video appointments will use Microsoft Teams, but phone call appointments are also available.

Keeping connected.

Follow us on social media: Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn and InstagramWe will be frequently posting helpful updates regarding employment and the economy, timely events and job postings, and career planning and best practices. 

Can I get help after Graduation?

Yes. All of our services are open to you after graduation, including, resume reviews, mock interviews, job searching, career fairs and more. Schedule an appointment through CareerLink.

New Pass/Fail Policy

Recently, the University faculty approved a new Pass/Fail policy in response to the adjustments to instruction delivery due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  By providing you options in how your Spring 2020 courses are graded, your faculty are hoping to alleviate some of the stress you may be feeling and focus on what you are here for, which is learning.

The Bottom Line? 

You will have the option to change your courses to Pass/Fail and you will be able to make that decision after you see your course grades at the end of the semester.  You may choose any or all of your classes as Pass/Fail.  Graduating seniors should expect the conferral of their degree approximately two weeks after May 20, 2020. 

However, there may be implications for you depending on your individual circumstance.  For additional details, please read the information outlined below.

Pass/Fail Policy

Undergraduate students are allowed the option of taking any class as Pass/Fail in Spring 2020.  You all will have three options when it comes to your course grades this semester:

  • Earn a passing grade and receive the letter grade that you earned (A, B, C, etc).  As always, if you have a legitimate concern that your grade does not accurately reflect your work in the course you can still appeal the grade using the Grade Appeal process detailed in the University Catalog. 
  • Earn a passing grade and elect to receive the grade of “Pass” or "P" which will not be reflected in your semester or cumulative GPA.   A grade of “Fail” or “F” results in zero (0) grade points for the course and is included in the calculation of your GPA. 
  • Elect not to receive a course grade by requesting a withdrawal or drop from any class until May 5, 2020. Please contact your faculty advisor, course instructor, team coach (if applicable) and financial aid before dropping any courses.  You can drop a course by emailing a request to drop a course to your instructor or by contacting a member of the centralized advising center:

Important Considerations

The following additional information should be considered if/when you are considering a grade of Pass/Fail: 

  • If the course(s) you are enrolled in is a prerequisite to other courses, a grade of “P” in your current course(s) will satisfy the grade prerequisite for subsequent courses.  For example, if BUA 43xx requires a grade of “C” or higher in BUA 33xx to register, electing a grade of “P” in BUA 33xx will satisfy the BUA 43xx prerequisite grade requirement. 
  • If you are on academic probation or restricted enrollment remember that grades of “P” will not increase your GPA. 
  • If you are retaking a class because of the grade you received the first time taking it, be sure to consult your advisor before choosing the Pass/Fail option.
  • If your degree is in preparation for licensure by a state, if you plan to pursue enrollment in graduate school, or you are enrolled in a dual credit course, please be sure to consult with a faculty advisor before electing a grade of “P” or “F”. 
  • If you are in a developmental course, please discuss the considerations of a “P” grade with the instructor of the course before electing a grade of “P”. 
  • You should check if your family has purchased products such as auto insurance which are priced based on your GPA before electing course grades of “P” which will not be reflected in your GPA. 
  • You should contact the Office of Financial Aid if you: 
    • If you are receiving a scholarship that is semester GPA/performance based, or
    • Are receiving Veterans benefits to pay for your tuition
  • If you are Veteran, the University has been informed that you will not lose pay if the Pass/Fail grade is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Electing Pass/Fail Grade

The dates for electing a Pass/Fail grade are as follows: 

  • Spring 2020 long semester courses – graduating seniors – May 20 
  • Spring 2020 long semester courses – all other undergraduates – May 26 
  • Second 7 week session of Spring 2020 courses – May 13 

You will be able to see your individual course grades before deciding whether to elect a Pass/Fail grade in any or all courses.  For those of you who are graduating seniors, you should expect the conferral of their degree approximately two weeks after May 20. 

The steps you will need to follow in order to elect a grade of Pass/Fail are in development with the goal to make the process as automated and streamlined as possible.

Spring Semester Online-only Format

The decision has been made to finish the spring semester in an online-only format. In order to maintain continuity of education, virtual teaching and learning present the best option. Thank you for your understanding, patience, and commitment to your education.

Online-only education may present challenges. Students that need assistance (i.e., do not have a device/the technology required for online learning or do not have reliable internet access), are asked to reach out to Dr. Dennis Hall, VP for Student Affairs/Dean of Students at to explore possible solutions.

Virtual Student Experience

The faculty and staff at Texas Wesleyan University continue to pursue solutions to maximize the student experience during this unprecedented time. For example, the University College Day committee is looking for ways to move UCD to a virtual format. Staff members in the Division of Student Affairs are implementing relationship and community development opportunities through exciting virtual formats including Discord, Instagram TV, and YouTube. Additionally, anyone with a TXWES email has access to a virtual platform called Teams. Students can use this platform to connect to each other, staff, and faculty. Download Teams to your mobile or desktop device.

Additional Class Info
  • Online classes continue without any changes.
  • Graduate Health Professions students in clinical residencies and practica should continue all assignments, including rotations, subject to the decision of the clinical coordinator.
  • As confirmed by the Student & Exchange Visitor Program (USDHS/USICE), international students in F-1 visa status may temporarily engage in online instruction, either from within the U.S. or outside the country.



Many of our graduating students have been asking about commencement ceremonies. While all details have not been fully established, TXWES will still host robing, hooding, and commencement ceremonies. Over the coming weeks, plans and arrangements will be made and shared as they become available.


Athletics events and activities have been suspended indefinitely.

The Texas Wesleyan administrative staff will continue to work closely with the NAIA and Sooner Athletic Conference, as well as local health professionals to monitor COVID-19 developments to determine the best course of action moving forward for future Texas Wesleyan Athletics events.

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) announced March 16 that it is canceling the spring 2020 sports season, effective immediately. No spring-sport student-athlete will be charged a season of competition. Any spring-sport student-athlete who was enrolled full-time in 2020 will be awarded two additional semester terms of attendance or the equivalent.

Additional Event Information

Events, conferences and other large gatherings scheduled through the end of the spring semester are currently under review by a task force. We will have a follow-up communication regarding these activities in the near future.


Other Information

Student Employees

As we continue to review the impact of moving our faculty, staff and students to a virtual work and learning space, we’re committed to making decisions with our students' best interests in mind. Texas Wesleyan will continue to pay student employees through the end of the semester.

What does that mean for me?

Students with work-study as part of their financial aid package will continue to be paid until they reach their award amount. Student assistants will continue to be paid based on the average number of hours worked in the spring semester before the campus closure.

What type of work can I do virtually?

This will vary and each student employee should continue to work with their supervisor for instructions.

How will I get my check?

The easiest way to get paid is through direct deposit. This is where your checks go straight into your bank account. If direct deposit is not possible for you, make sure that we have your current mailing address on file. All check will be mailed to students that do not sign up for direct deposit.

  • Enroll in Direct Deposit - Please log in to Ramlink and navigate to your “Employee” dashboard. Under the “Employee Profile” section, you will find a link for “Direct Deposit.” All employees must enroll in order to receive payroll deposits according to the university payment schedule.
  • Update your Mailing Address - While logged in to your Ramlink “Employee” dashboard, navigate to the “User Account” section, which is located above the “Employee Profile” area. Select the link entitled, “Contact Information & Emergency Alerts,” in order to review/update your current contact information.
Student Finance And Payments

Should I drop classes to save money?

The short answer is no, not necessarily. In fact, dropping classes could have the opposite effect. Financial aid eligibility is based on enrollment. If you change the number of hours you are enrolled in, your financial aid package could change and that means you could owe more. Before making any decision about your enrollment, talk with the financial aid department. We are still here to support you.

I’m scared I won’t be able to pay tuition. What should I do?

First take a deep breath and remember we are all in this together. If you are concerned about your tuition payment, your first step is to call/email the financial aid office. We will talk through your concerns and make a plan.

Questions? Visit the Office of Financial Aid page or email For payments, email

On-Campus Housing
  • Students living on campus who are able to stay or return home are strongly encouraged to do so during this time.
  • The residence halls will remain open only for students who do not have other suitable accommodations available to them.
    • Students unable to leave the residence halls are required to check in with their hall staff to make appropriate arrangements.
    • All on-campus students, including those who filled out the previous form, must fill out the Housing Intent Form by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 25. 

Pro-Rated Charges

  • Any students moving off campus will be offered a pro-rated credit on their housing contract and meal plan. The pro-rated date is March 25 through the end of the semester. 
  • Please note that if you have a remaining balance with the university, this credit will first be applied to that balance.
  • All credits will be processed on the student’s account no later than April 10. If the credit results in an actual refund, the funds will be directly deposited. 
  • Please make sure you have completed the direct deposit information on Ramlink.

Moving out of the Halls

  • Monitor your email after submitting your Intent Form to find your confirmed check-out date and time.
  • Pick up an express checkout envelope from your building. The envelopes can be found:
    • Stella residents: File holder outside Stella 116
    • Elizabeth residents: File holder outside Elizabeth 109
    • West Village/OC residents: File holder outside HD Office in the West Village Clubhouse
  • Remove your items from the room, clean the room and fill out the express checkout contract that came in the envelope.
  • Place the express checkout contract, your keys and fob in the envelope and seal it.
  • Fill out the label on the front of the envelope.
  • Return the envelope to a Residence Life staff member by sliding it under your Residence Life Coordinator’s office door or by turning it in to your RA.
  • Sign up for direct deposit for your refund.
    • To set up your direct deposit, log in to Ramlink and select the direct deposit link.
    • Additional instructions can be found on the Cashier's website.

Staying in the Halls

  • The Residence Halls will remain open only to those students who do not have other suitable accommodations off campus. However, to continue to protect the students staying on campus, buildings will be open with limited functionality.
    • Visitors will not be allowed in the halls through the rest of the academic year.
    • Building lobbies and lounges will be closed.
    • Building kitchens will be available for use but students must sign up for a timeslot.
    • There will be no events or gatherings held in the residence halls.
    • Dining options will continue to be limited.
On-Campus Dining
  • Dining services will remain available to serve our residential population’s needs during the following hours, though dining area seating will not be available and all meals will be packaged to-go.
    • Monday-Thursday
      • Breakfast: 8-9 a.m.
      • Lunch: 11 a.m.-1 p.m.
      • Dinner: 5-6:30 p.m.
    • Saturday-Sunday
      • Brunch: 11 a.m.-1 p.m.
      • Dinner: 5-6:30 p.m.
  • All student meetings and activities have been suspended.
  • It’s important to consider those at a higher risk of serious illness when considering returning to campus. The CDC has created a resource to help.
  • If you traveled recently, either domestically or internationally, to areas with widespread, ongoing community spread of COVID-19, you should follow CDC guidance to self-isolate for 14 days and monitor for symptoms, including fever, cough and shortness of breath. 
    • If you experience any of these symptoms, please consult the Dean of Students office, stay away from campus and call your doctor or healthcare provider. 
  • All international travel for students has been suspended through the summer.
Counseling Services

In times like these, where nothing seems certain except uncertainty, it’s easy to allow our anxiety and worrying thoughts take over. This is normal, but sometimes it can be more than you can handle. We are here for you.

The Texas Wesleyan Community Counseling Center and Counseling Faculty are going to great lengths to keep our students’ mental peace a priority. As the entire campus community moves to a virtual environment, the counseling center is no exception.

To get in touch with a counselor call the Community Counseling Center at 817-531-4859 between 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.. If you are calling outside of the counseling hours or cannot reach someone, leave a detailed message and the staff will attempt to return your call within 24 hours.

Not in need of a counselor, but still looking for ways to destress? Try one of these guided mediations done by Dr. Richard Schaub from the Huntington Meditation and Imagery Center and a visiting scholar in the Texas Wesleyan School of Health Professions.

On Spotify –  “Let Go

On YouTube – “Hope, Deeper Hope

Academic Advising & Student Success

Your academic advisors and support team are still here for you even as we take precautions against COVID-19. Rest assured your health and safety are important to us. You can meet with a tutor, advisor or another member of our department from the comfort of your home. All of our appointments will be virtual through either Microsoft Teams or Blackboard Collaborate. You will receive specific information when your appointment is scheduled. Visit our website or email us. It is the easiest way to reach us during this time.