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This page was created to assist supervisors and departments at Texas Wesleyan University with the recruiting and hiring process.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have 817-531-4403.   You may also find more information on the University’s recruiting and hiring policies in the Employee Handbook.

Staff Recruiting and Hiring:

The following hiring process must be followed for all PT and FT (exempt/non-exempt) staff positions:

  • The hiring supervisor submits a completed Position/Posting Request Form‌ with the job description to the Finance and Administration office for approval signatures. Note: any revisions made to the job description must be tracked/highlighted and sent to Human Resources for approval.
  • After approved, the Position/Posting Request form is sent to Human Resources and the position is posted on the Texas Wesleyan University Human Resources website.  Request to post positions on external job boards must be on the Position/Posting Request form and will be at the expense of the department.   
  • Human Resources will log and forward resumes to the hiring supervisor as they are received. If a candidate contacts the department directly, he/she should be referred to HR.
  • After candidates have been screened, and references have been checked witht he Applicant Reference Checklist, the hiring department will notify Human Resources of the selected candidates to interview. The hiring department may schedule interviews or request that Human Resources do so.  Human Resources will send candidates an interview confirmation email with the employment application attached to complete and return back to HR.  Helpful interview tips can be found here:  Helpful Interview Steps and Questions
  • When interviews are concluded and a candidate has been selected, the hiring supervisor must complete a Request to Hire Form and submit it to the Finance and Administration office for approval signatures.  At this time, the hiring supervisor may make a verbal offer to the selected candidate, however, the official offer of employment and letter will be sent by the Human Resources office.
  • Once the Human Resources office receives the approved Request to Hire form, the offer of employment letter will be created, signed by the Associate Vice President of Human Resources and sent to the candidate with the new hire paperwork attached. 
  • The hiring supervisor will return all interview / search materials to the Human Resources office and the position will be closed.  HR will send regret letters to candidates who were interviewed.   
  • Human Resources will notify the supervisor when the employee is hired and an ID number is assigned. 
  • Within the first month of employment, Human Resources will schedule (via email) the new employee for the New Employee Orientation.

5.0 Equal Employment Opportunity

Texas Wesleyan University is an equal opportunity employer.  It is University policy to comply with all applicable state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination in employment based on race, age, sex religion, national origin, disability, veteran's status, or other protected classifications.

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