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Alcohol Policy

  • Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

Generally, the University prohibits the possession, use or distribution of alcohol on the University’s campuses. However, alcohol may be served at University-sponsored and third-party events in the President's Suite, Trustee Board Room, the Baker Martin House, the Louella Baker Martin Pavilion and other areas approved by the President or a Vice President. Approval is required for all events serving alcohol on campus and for all off-campus student events. Typically, the President or Vice President for Advancement approves University sponsored events. The Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services approves off-campus student events. A Vice President must approve third-party facility use events.

The Alcohol Permit Form must be completed and approved for all events on campus and all student events serving alcohol off campus.

Basic Requirements for All Events Serving Alcohol

  1. A third-party vendor (licensed bartender covered by site liability) sells and/or distributes the alcoholic beverages.
  2. Neither the sale nor use of alcoholic beverages shall in any way violate state or local laws.
  3. Alcoholic beverages are not the focus of the activity.
  4. Advertisements of the event may not use alcohol as a draw.
  5. An off-duty Fort Worth Police Officer is mandatory for all third-party events. The cost is assumed by the event sponsor.

All off-campus student events that are sponsored by the University where alcohol is served must have an Alcohol Permit Form signed by the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services. For approval, the following federal guidelines must be met:

  1. A variety of non-alcoholic beverages will be conveniently and readily available.
  2. Adequate food (non-salty preferred) must be provided.
  3. A carding and labeling procedure must be enforced.
  4. Alternate transportation arrangements must be available.
  5. A designated person responsible for compliance, monitoring of the event and enforcing University, local, state and federal policies or laws.
  6. All alcoholic beverages must be kept in a secure area.
  7. An off-duty Fort Worth Police Officer is mandatory for student and third-party events. The cost is assumed by the event sponsor.

Student organizations that violate these policies may be subject to the following sanctions:

  1. The loss of off-campus alcoholic privileges for up to one year.
  2. The loss of campus reservation privileges for up to three months.
  3. The student organization or group may be fined $100.
  4. The organization or group’s president may be fined $50.

At its sole discretion, the University may disapprove the use of alcohol at any event for any reason.