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Parking Regulations

Anyone who operates a motor vehicle on university property is responsible for knowing and observing TXWES traffic and parking regulations contained in the Student Handbook.

Vehicle Registration

Vehicles parked on TXWES property shall be registered with Campus Security, no exceptions. Each vehicle shall have one valid Texas Wesleyan University parking permit sticker affixed to the lower driver's side corner of the rear windshield. Students can obtain a parking permit by using the Student Vehicle Registration Form. Faculty and staff may obtain a parking permit through security by using this Vehicle Registration form.

Persons who drive rental cars or parent's cars temporarily on campus shall be required to have a temporary parking hangtag. These hangtags may be obtained at the library circulation desk.

Visitor Parking

Visitor parking shall not be used by students before 5 p.m. under any circumstances. The only exception to this rule is for students who are temporarily disabled due to an injury. These students will be allowed to use visitor parking ONLY if they fill out a "Temporary Visitor/Handicap Parking" form and receive a hangtag. The form can be obtained from the library circulation desk.

Citation Codes/Violations/Fines

Security officers will issue parking citation to students for the following violations:

Handicapped Parking
Not registered vehicle or failure to display sticker
Faculty Staff Parking Space
Visitor Parking Space
No Parking zone/Loading Zone/Grassy Area
Blocking Vehicles: Roadway/Walkway
Parked in Fire Lane
Occupying Two Spaces
Reuse of Old Citation

Fines are assessed per violation.

Students have 10 days in which to pay or appeal the ticket. If the ticket is not paid or appealed within this time, a hold will be placed on the student's account. This will result in the student's inability to register, receive transcripts or graduate until the ticket is paid.

Security will run the plates on any car without a parking permit in order to determine the owner of the car. An additional $10 fine will be assessed to cover the cost.