Lambda Kappa Kappa

The main goal of this brotherhood is unite a select group of men, help them grow academically and socially as role models, as well as volunteering in direct service with the community. ΛKK stands for education, friendship, service, hard work, overall achievement, self-improvement; unity in knowledge. Each member must believe in the extreme importance of education, freedom of mind, equality of all people, appreciation of heritage, tolerance and empowerment in unity. And finally to positively influence high school boys who perceive that college education is not an attainable goal.

Lambda Kappa Kappa, Fraternity Inc. is the oldest fraternal Chapter at Texas Wesleyan and the oldest local fraternity in the state of Texas, Founded at TCU in 1994 Lambda Kappa Kappa became the first Latin based fraternity in North Texas. Lambda Kappa Kappa won the most philanthropic Greek organization at Texas Wesleyan the last two semesters and is the second most philanthropic organization at Texas Wesleyan. We proudly support diversity with alumni and brothers from all 6 habitable continents and over 13 different countries. Lambda Kappa Kappa is also Texas Wesleyan’s most successful Greek Week Organizations with 12 Greek Week Championships in 15 years along with two second places finishes. 


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