Student Organization Advisor Handbook

Student Organization Advisor Handbook

Student organizations are a critical part of the collegiate experience for students. Student organizations provide a unique opportunity for students to gain practical skills and enhance the out-of-classroom experience.

An advisor is one who gives ideas, shares insight, provides different perspectives, and, most importantly, counsels. Advisors serve to guide student organization members through the process of effectively operating an organization. In addition, advisors act as confidants in both individual and organizational-related matters, provide context about the organization’s history and traditions, and can be a valuable source of information.

Finally, whether assigned or volunteered, it is important to remember that advisors devote a significant portion of their time to making the students’ experience at Texas Wesleyan University a rewarding one. This dedication is not only rewarding to the student organization and the students it serves; the advisor will also be rewarded in a variety of ways as a result of working with student organizations.

Student Organization Advisor Handbook Contents

Download an electronic copy of the Student organization advisor handbook 2015.

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