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The Texas Wesleyan University Mentorship Program originated in the spring of 2005 as part of the Texas Wesleyan University Retention Plan. The program began as a mentorship between faculty and staff matched with incoming freshman.

Approximately 70 faculty and staff volunteered their support and were matched to the students by comparing personal interests, hobbies and majors. In fall of 2008, Wesleyan began offering the Mentorship Program for the new transfer students.

Through one-on-one relationship building and guidance from volunteer faculty, staff and upperclassmen mentors, it is the program's goal that as many incoming students as possible make a smooth transition from high school to college or 2-year college to a 4-year college. Such guidance provides a solid foundation for our freshmen and transfers and affords the opportunity for them to be successful students throughout their entire college career.

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Texas Wesleyan University would like to serve our students as efficiently as possible. In order to ensure that our mentorship program is effective, the University would like to introduce new Wesleyan students to mentors with similar interests. In an effort to attain compatible matches, please complete this form and submit.  For more information, call Blair Ensign at (817) 531-4923, or email






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