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Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
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Hybrid Learning

With classes starting Monday, Aug. 17, I wanted to let you know how the Disability Service Office is here to support you with your accommodations as you will likely be using your accommodations both virtually and in face-to-face instruction. If you have concerns or issues with your accommodations or the process to follow, please let me know and I will work diligently to answer your questions as well as support you and your professors during this new transition. 

If you need to contact me, please send me an email first at If needed, we can schedule a phone conference call, virtual meeting through Microsoft Teams or an in person appointment. 

A few things to consider as we transition to virtual instruction: 

  1. Please contact your professors to discuss how your accommodations will be handled through Blackboard and in the classroom setting to make sure your accommodations are being met through both teaching platforms. If you do not tell your professor that you need an accommodation met, they will not know to offer it to you such as extending time on your exam. It is your responsibility to reach out to your professor to discuss the uses of your accommodations in their class. 
  2. Please let your professor know if you want to use your extended time for timed assignments, i.e. quizzes or exams. If you do not let them know ahead of time, they will not know to give you that extension whether you are taking the quiz/exam on Blackboard or in the Testing Center.  
  3. If your professor records class sessions through Blackboard Collaborate for you to review later, then the following two accommodations are met: audio recording of class and copies of class notes. You should have access for these during the fall semester whether you are virtually attending class or in person. If you need captioning per your accommodation letter, please contact Vernesa Perry at
  4. Speechify is a program that can read material for you. It is for mobile, desktop and Chrome. Additional information can be found on their website. 
  5. There are different ways to do Speech to Text: Microsoft Word on Mac,  Microsoft Word App for Mobile use,   Android,   iPhone/iPad, 
  6. If you have other accommodations and need assistance, please send me an email. 
  7. We all know that this is a confusing time and we are learning together, so please ask questions or reach out for assistance, don’t feel embarrassed. I am here to support you in being successful in your program. 

I hope to see you all in person soon. Stay well and reach out if you need my support!